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Internal Contact Center

Increase efficiency of your supervisors. Provide them with an instrument that helps to monitor only relevant calls.

DCS Talk Analytics brings to light problematic calls, and vice versa, best-practice calls.

Product Features:

likely call reasons understanding
customer loyalty estimation
agent speech irregularities detection
agent training materials supply
  • Currently, your supervisors check 0.25% or less problematic calls.
    DCS Talk Analytics indicates over 80% of those.
  • Your supervisors control less than 2% of calls.
    DCS Talk Analytics covers 100% of calls.


  • DCS Talk Analytics is the first, and by far the only one in Russia, cloud platform for speech analytics.
  • Rapid integration, about 1 or 2 days.
  • Automatic calls clustering by topic, what is left for you is to name the topics.
  • Automatic employees ranking

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